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10 million Americans are sidelined from economic opportunity. Back the businesses hiring, training, and supporting them as they break through barriers to employment.


There are over 700 employment social enterprises operating nationwide – employing tens of thousands of people breaking through barriers to employment.

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“Doing Good” in communities across the country

From your local coffee shop to your favorite fitness studio, employment social enterprises are businesses doing good in each of our communities.

What's an Employment Social Enterprise?

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Forward-looking Founders. Emboldened Entrepreneurs. Lionhearted Leaders. The leaders we back have a unique story and a common mission - to reveal and reinforce the talent of people breaking through barriers to employment.

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Transforming lives and Investing in what works

REDF invests in what works. We partner with social entrepreneurs who are providing capital, capacity, and community to amplify the success of their businesses and the people they employ.

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Be “In Good Company”

Maria Kim, REDF President and CEO, invites you to be “in good company” and shares three ways to join the movement!

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